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Baohua company won the excellent paper award of "2018 Sinopec leakage Management Symposium"

Time:2018-06-11 Views:2171

On May 30-31, 2018, Sinopec leakage management symposium expert Ruyun, research and application of micro leakage static seal submitted by Suzhou Baohua Sealing Technology Co., Ltd (author: Ma Zhigang, Mao Huaping, Zou Bing, Xiao Anshan) won the first prize of excellent thesis, and intelligent leakage monitoring and prevention Internet of things system (author: Liu Yongjian, Hua Ke, Ma Zhigang, Chen Yunhua, Wang Hongwei, Li Xu) won the third prize of excellent thesis.


  In order to strengthen the leakage safety management, effectively prevent and control the leakage, and improve the enterprise's intrinsic safety level, Sinopec safety regulatory bureau held this seminar. More than 130 representatives from the Safety Supervision Bureau, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of energy and environment and other departments directly under the headquarters of Sinopec Group, as well as oil field, refining, sales, professional suppliers and other enterprises attended the meeting.


Ma Zhigang, general manager of Baohua company, as a special guest, made a special speech on "zero leakage digital industrial safety solution", introducing how to realize "early knowing of leakage, more effective leakage prevention" through point, domain and boundary digital Internet of things monitoring system and anti escape low leakage sealing technology. "Zero leakage Digital Industrial Safety System 1.0" has been successfully applied to the dangerous or highly toxic important sealing points of oil refining or chemical plants under Shanghai Secco and other Sinopec. It can monitor the leakage rate of valves and flange sealing points in real time online.



  This seminar is the first time for Sinopec to hold a special seminar on leakage management in the whole system. It shows that Sinopec, as a leading enterprise in China's petrochemical industry, is actively responding to the call of the Party Central Committee and is striving to improve the level of industrial process safety and environmental protection, so as to meet the people's growing needs for a better life. Baohua Co., Ltd. has been focusing on industrial sealing for 20 years. It always takes improving safety and environmental protection as its core mission, firmly believes that innovation is the core driving force for the company to move towards the leading position in the industry, continues to focus on the research and development of anti escape sealing technology, and is committed to the research and development of zero emission sealing solutions for VOCs gas. In the past 20 years, Baohua Co., Ltd. has accumulated a lot of on-site experience and strength in solving sealing problems The award of this paper once again shows the style of "leading sealing technology, leakage management expert".