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Advantages and features of BMC

Ø Flexibility

We have a wide range of sealing solutions. Since 2013, we have provided nearly 200 sealing solutions for customers, and selected the best solutions for customers according to different working conditions, reaching a new level in safety and reliability.

Ø  Foresight

 BMC's investment in R & D is rare in the domestic sealing industry. It has independently designed and built the first set of domestic high temperature and high pressure test bench for seals and the thermal hydraulic test bench for simulating the operation conditions of the primary circuit of nuclear power, which represents the world's advanced level.

Ø  Technical support

 BMC's strong technical center team provides our customers with technical support before, during and after sales. BMC can meet your requirements whether you want to select sealing products, confirm the conformity of standards, or test sealing materials or sealing performance.

Ø  Reliability

We are very aware of the impact of the operation and maintenance costs of key equipment in important industrial areas on the operation of enterprises. We work closely with our customers to understand and meet their real needs. At the beginning of design, BMC's excellent sealing products have considered the life cycle, and strictly carried out the raw material testing and processing process management to ensure the highest return on investment of users.