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Opening ceremony of BMC Enterprise University

Time:2016-01-12 Views:2259

On December 27, 2015, BMC company held the opening ceremony of BMC enterprise university. Nearly 70 new students attended the opening ceremony.


Ceremony site


Speech by director of Education

The Dean first addressed the opening ceremony. She expressed warm welcome and congratulations to the freshmen of the first BMC enterprise university, and made a clear introduction to the background of the establishment of BMC enterprise university. She mentioned that with the change of the whole economic situation, many enterprises have transformed from traditional to innovative. In the process of transformation, we need to use external resources that are helpful for the future development of the enterprise to improve the overall level of the enterprise. After deep contact with the external training of the system, it is determined that enterprises should pay attention to scientific methods. But it's not enough for only a part of senior managers to learn, but also need to implement learning in the whole company. Through the way of network learning, better work experience and management can be used.


Headmaster's speech
Later, the president of BMC enterprise university delivered a speech for the opening ceremony. He said, "accept training, open up ideas, improve vision and unify actions.". The process of growth is a learning process, which is realized through self-learning and external learning. Build our own digital platform to form the atmosphere of our common learning. Develop learning habits, create learning atmosphere, absorb the nutrition of learning, improve self and enterprise. " And shared with the students why to learn and the method of learning, put forward three key words that need to be mastered in the learning process: "empty cup mentality", "bit by bit accumulation", "independent thinking", encourage everyone to make full use of their fragmented learning time to improve their own level. Learning is a process of accumulation, but as long as we stick to the end, it will be full of harvest. The headmaster's wonderful sharing inspired the new students and won lots of applause.


President and director of education inaugurate BMC University
Then the president and the director of teaching inaugurated BMC University. And issue certificates to the foremen of each department.


Finally, the president expressed his expectation to the students and BMC enterprise university. "Today is the opening ceremony of enterprise university and the starting point for BMC to promote the creation of learning atmosphere. This starting point also indicates the beginning of a new innovative thinking enterprise. I believe that with the joint efforts and participation of all of you, our enterprise university will surely bring you new ideas, new starting points and create a new future for BMC company. "