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Product R & D capability of Suzhou Baohua (BMC)

Suzhou Baohua Seal Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. For many years, it has been committed to the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and seal technology consulting services of high and medium end seal products. The company's laboratory has a complete set of sealing test bench, key equipment has independent intellectual property rights and passed the technical appraisal, and is in the leading position in the domestic static sealing industry. In 2013, the National Energy Administration authorized the establishment of the "nuclear level static seal Laboratory of the national energy nuclear power plant nuclear equipment research and development center", becoming the first and only nuclear level static seal laboratory in China. The laboratory developed and built a "thermal hydraulic test bench for nuclear level seals of PWR nuclear power plants", which can fully simulate the primary operation of nuclear power except irradiation The large temperature difference thermal cycle test under operating conditions (start-up, operation and shutdown) provides sufficient, effective and reliable sealing performance verification. The establishment of the laboratory provides experimental conditions for the subsequent development of new nuclear level sealing products.

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       R & D capability
       In the process of product research and development for many years, the company has accumulated experience and actively carried out intellectual property protection. It has obtained a number of independent intellectual property rights in the development and construction of sealing products, test methods and test platforms. At present, the company has 68 valid authorized patents (including 31 invention patents and 37 utility models), and its technological achievements have passed 6 national technical appraisals We approved 1 national major scientific and technological achievements transformation, 1 provincial science and technology support plan (industrial) project, 2 national key new products and 2 provincial new products, as the main drafters, participated in the compilation of 1 national standard (issued) and 5 energy industry standards (4 of which have been issued).
       R & D capability BMC "Nuclear static sealing Laboratory of nuclear equipment R & D center of national energy nuclear power plant" is equipped with high-quality sealing professional and technical personnel. It has established advanced sealing performance laboratory, material laboratory and chemical laboratory, which can provide customers with various performance tests, product development and technical services, and also for the follow-up development of new nuclear sealing products and nuclear sealing The research and development of parts localization laid the foundation.
        The sealing performance laboratory is equipped with high temperature and high pressure test bench for nuclear grade seals and thermal hydraulic test bench for nuclear grade seals, which are verified by the national energy administration to simulate the operating conditions of the primary circuit of nuclear power (except for irradiation). It can provide large temperature difference thermal cycle test to fully simulate the operating conditions of the primary circuit of nuclear power except for irradiation. The laboratory is complete in equipment and test items, and it is a nuclear grade seal Production and supply provide quality assurance.