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Suzhou Baohua won the five-star supplier of CGNPC nuclear power operation field

Time:2019-05-30 Views:2516
Suzhou Baohua was awarded the five-star supplier of CGNPC nuclear power operation field in 2018, which is the highest honor awarded by CGNPC to the supplier. China Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as CGNPC) is a world-class clean energy group, with nuclear power technology leading in the world. Ma Zhigang, chairman of the company, made a special trip to attend the award ceremony.


       Suzhou Baohua is a sealing manufacturer with innovative R & D test platform and rich experience in engineering application. Over the years, it has been continuously optimized in terms of product supply, on-time delivery and quality assurance. Meanwhile, the company has also provided professional technical services in solving customer sealing problems, assisting customers to carry out items replacement and zero inventory projects.


 This is the company's new honor after becoming the 2017 excellent supplier in the field of CGNPC nuclear power operation. This five-star supplier is the recognition of all employees of the company for their hard service to customers, and will become a continuous power to motivate all employees from excellence to excellence. In the future, Baohua will continue to provide the best professional services for many customers And strive to be the most valuable partner of customers.