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Suzhou Baohua launches the competition of cultural and sports activities for the new year of snake

Time:2013-02-08 Views:2242
Before the Spring Festival, employees of Suzhou Baohua Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. have already felt the joy of the Spring Festival in advance.


On February 7, 2013, Suzhou Baohua organized all employees to hold a competition of cultural and sports activities to welcome the new year of the snake, adding a strong festival atmosphere to the arrival of the new year.


In this activity, there are basketball, dart throwing, riddle guessing, center five, landlord fighting, shuttlecock kicking and other competitions. Get a positive response from the company's employees. In the whole activity, regardless of department or level, we actively engaged in, encouraged and cared for each other, and achieved the level and style. In the scene of the activity, there was a scene of cheering, cheering and cheering, which stimulated everyone's youth vitality.


Set Shot




Guessing riddle


Poker tournament
Through the wonderful activities, not only enhance the corporate culture construction and cohesion of Baohua, but also enhance the feelings among colleagues, and more inspire the enthusiasm of Baohua people in the new year. It has played a positive role in the development of enterprises.