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Static seal high end laboratory and engineering technology research and Development Center

Time:2009-07-09 Views:1905
In 2009, the static seal high-end laboratory and engineering technology research center of Suzhou Baohua Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. were built and put into use. The laboratory is divided into chemical laboratory for non-metallic material test, material laboratory for metal material analysis, and the sealing type laboratory with the most domestic test projects and the largest test capacity at the international advanced level. At the same time, the laboratory was built It has become a constant temperature and humidity nuclear graphite raw material warehouse and a special warehouse for cleaning stainless steel, as well as a level 1 work area that fully meets the A21 cleanliness requirements of RCC-M F6000. The successful establishment and use of the laboratory provides a strict scientific means of quality control for the company's R & D and manufacturing of high-end high-quality products.