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High pressure heat exchanger composite seal technical scheme passed the review

Time:2017-12-22 Views:1973

On May 19, 2017, the sealing technical scheme of "composite sealed high pressure heat exchanger" of Sinopec major equipment localization development project organized by material and equipment department of Sinopec in Suzhou Baohua Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. passed the review.


 At the review meeting, the expert group led by Yin Qingfeng, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. thought that the composite seal of high-pressure heat exchanger adopts the structure of combination of Ω ring and elastic line seal ring (BMC Rin SH), and the design scheme is reasonable and feasible; the technical scheme of elastic line seal ring is reasonable, and the sealing line load is 700 ~ 800N / mm, which reduces the screw compared with other types of gasket The bolt load optimizes the flange structure size and improves the sealing reliability. The feasibility of the application of the elastic line seal ring developed by Suzhou Baohua in the composite seal high pressure heat exchanger is confirmed.
      The expert group witnessed the relevant tests (the test pressure reaches 50MPa) of the elastic sealing product (Φ 1560mm) independently developed by Baohua Co., Ltd., consulted and verified the relevant research and development process documents, confirmed that the product performance meets the design requirements and the feasibility of supporting the application on the high-pressure heat exchanger and realizing the localization, which opened another vast front of petrochemical high-end application market for Baohua in Suzhou Jing.


Ma Zhigang, general manager of the company, introduced that in 2016, the patented elastic line sealing ring developed by the company successfully realized engineering application in the nuclear power industry and realized the localization goal. The sealing reliability and stability of the product have been verified in the nuclear industry.
       More than 20 experts from Sinopec Luoyang engineering company, Sinopec engineering construction company, Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company, Zhenhai Refining and chemical company, Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company, Yangzi Petrochemical Company, Jinling Petrochemical Company, Dalian Hengli Petrochemical Company, Lanzhou Lanshi heavy equipment Co., Ltd. attended the review meeting.