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Suzhou Baohua held the launch ceremony of C-type sealing ring for Yangjiang nuclear power unit 4

Time:2016-04-15 Views:1696

On April 14, 2016, Suzhou Baohua held the delivery ceremony of C-type sealing ring for Yangjiang nuclear power unit 4. Representatives of cnpec and relevant personnel of C-type sealing ring project of Baohua company attended the delivery ceremony. Ma Zhigang, general manager of Suzhou Baohua, presided over the delivery ceremony.


The C-ring delivered this time only has a manufacturing cycle of 10 days. At the same time, the requirements of cnpec nuclear quality assurance are extremely strict. If any link goes wrong, it means that the "application window" is lost. BMC employees, with the full support of all departments of Guangdong nuclear power, adhering to the nuclear safety culture, taking the principle of "quality first, safety first", worked hard together, strictly in accordance with the technical conditions and quality assurance requirements, after a series of difficulties, successfully completed the production and manufacturing tasks, and guaranteed the timely delivery, It provides Yangjiang nuclear power unit 4 with qualified products and makes a solid step forward in the process of localization of nuclear power seals in China.


Ma Zhigang, general manager of Suzhou Baohua, said: "we witnessed this important milestone with a simple, warm and grand delivery ceremony, and we praised ourselves. As for ring C, the road ahead of us is still long, the challenges are still numerous, and the "checkpoints" are still severe. But I firmly believe that as long as we persist, persist, and persist, we will eventually reach a higher level. Thank you, thank you for your efforts, thank you for your continued efforts! "


Large flat car with C-ring.