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Suzhou Baohua appears at World Nuclear Industry Exhibition 2016 (WNE)

Time:2016-07-17 Views:969

On June 28, the world nuclear Exhibition (WNE) opened in Paris, the capital of France. Suzhou Baohua Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. (BMC) was invited to attend the exhibition. As one of the most important exhibitions of nuclear industry and technology in the world, Baohua Suzhou has also made great efforts to this exhibition, exhibiting a number of new types of nuclear grade sealing rings developed over the years, which have become the focus of attention from all walks of life.


  At the exhibition site, many well-known enterprises from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the United States and other regions came to the exhibition stand to have an interesting understanding of Suzhou Baohua's sealing products. The general manager of Suzhou Baohua company and foreign customers made in-depth exchanges and discussions on specific application scenarios, so that they could have more information on the safety, stability and economy of China's nuclear power sealing products We had a new understanding and got unanimous approval.




This time, Suzhou Baohua "went global" with BMC products with international competitive advantages, not only to promote the high-level sealing products made in China with "quality", but also to enhance China's position in the nuclear power sealing industry. Suzhou Baohua company has the ability to be a benchmark enterprise in the nuclear power sealing industry.