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Summary and review meeting for hydrostatic test of type C sealing ring of reactor pressure vessel

Time:2016-03-02 Views:1962

On February 27, 2016, China Nuclear Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Baohua Co., Ltd. jointly organized the "summary and review meeting on the hydrostatic test of C-type sealing ring of reactor pressure vessel of PWR nuclear power plant" in Taicang. The meeting was attended by experts and leaders from China Nuclear Research Institute, e, P, C plates of China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation, Yangjiang project team, Yangjiang nuclear power owner, first heavy, Shanghai nuclear power, Dongchong, Nuclear Power Institute, 728 Institute, China nuclear power operation, Zhongyuan company, etc., and the professor of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute was recommended as the leader of the expert group.


The experts visited the test bench, laboratory, C-ring manufacturing and cleaning workshop in Baohua, Suzhou, and the C-ring which was transported back to Baohua after the hydrostatic test. They affirmed the strict quality assurance control and exquisite technology of the C-ring.



At the review meeting, cgnri and Suzhou Baohua made a detailed report on the research and development summary and hydraulic test summary of the C-type sealing ring for the reactor pressure vessel of the PWR nuclear power plant, and made a detailed description of the important chapters. The members of the expert group conducted a careful and strict review on the report, and fully expressed their opinions and suggestions.


After repeated demonstration and Q & a discussion, the expert group agreed that the type C sealing ring of the reactor pressure vessel of PWR nuclear power plant was successfully tested by water pressure test, and the sealing performance was good.


The successful conclusion and review of the hydrostatic test of the C-type seal ring of the reactor pressure vessel in the PWR nuclear power plant is an important basis for the application of the C-type seal ring in the subsequent nuclear power projects, which will effectively promote the process of nuclear power localization.