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2016 Spring Festival cultural activities held successfully

Time:2016-02-22 Views:1823
On February 6, 2016, all the employees of BMC held the Spring Festival of monkey year in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. All the hard work of the year is now converged into a brilliant smile.

      This activity continued the popular items last year. Everyone was enthusiastic and the competition was brilliant.







 In this activity, the company commended the excellent employees in 2015. Every employee and team of BMC is the best. This time, through the recommendation, voting and comprehensive performance evaluation of leaders of all departments, the outstanding talents award, innovation talents award, development talents award and skill talents award were selected respectively. Through the selection of excellent employees, encourage employees to play a positive and creative role, and promote the formation of a good atmosphere of learning, catching up, helping and exceeding within the company.
      In the new year, every outstanding talent is our learning object. In 2016, we should break through ourselves!