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j33.pngA petrochemical aromatics plant

Customer Name: a Petrochemical Company
Problems of the project:
Operating conditions:
Medium: C8 aromatics and PDEB, hydrogen + C8 aromatics + aromatics, hydrogen + C8 aromatics, C8 and above aromatics
Application: xylene 1 × unit in a petrochemical aromatics plant
Working temperature: 360 ~ 400 ℃
Working pressure: 0.8 MPa
Solution: after sufficient technical exchanges between both parties, mmc-z03 combined sealing gasket independently developed by BMC in Suzhou was selected as part of the sealing points during the overhaul of the device, which has been running well since Shunlai start-up
Product advantages:
Line face combined sealing mechanism
Safe and reliable sealing performance
Excellent thermal shock resistance
Strong resistance to alternating load
High temperature resistance
Constant sealing stress