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BMCORIN Seal ring

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Product Description: bmcorin seal ring is a new type of sealing element based on metal tube. It has the functions of low leakage and anti escape. At the same time, it can design self tightening and pressure charging reinforced structure. The structure of bmcorin sealing ring is simple, the structure of flange sealing surface is compact, and the requirement of bolt load is not high. It is mainly used in high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, ultra-low temperature, long life, very low leakage rate and special working conditions with large pressure and temperature cycle requirements. For example, groove face flange or plane flange of pressure vessel, heat reactor, heat exchanger, steam turbine, ultra vacuum equipment, semiconductor equipment and special valve.
Product characteristics
        •  Compact sealing structure
        • Flexible size, unlimited specifications
        • Line seal type, very low leakage rate
        • Lower seal load, easier to install
        • Flexible contact without damage to sealing surface
        • All metal material, high temperature and high pressure resistant
        • Verified by nuclear industry, safe and reliable
Performance parameter:

Leakage rate1.0×10-9  Pa·m3/s(helium vacuum leak detection)
Applicable pressure≤  50MPa(it cannot exist at the same time with the maximum adaptive temperature)
Applicable temperature-196~+870°C

Application scenario: it is applicable to petrochemical, nuclear industry, aerospace, thermal power, metallurgy, papermaking, medicine, automobile industry and other industries.