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BMCes Seal ring

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Product Description: a C-section metal seal ring product, which adopts a unique spring-loaded design and uses nickel base alloy as the structural framework. The design is very flexible and has excellent resilience and sealing ability. It realizes the perfect combination of metal wire seal and constant stress seal. It is mainly used in high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, ultra-low temperature, long life, extremely low leakage rate and special working conditions required by large pressure and temperature cycle, such as groove face flange or plane flange of pressure vessel, heat exchanger, gas turbine, ultra vacuum equipment, semiconductor equipment and special valve.
Product characteristics
         •  Compact sealing structure
         •  Flexible size, unlimited specifications
         •  Linear seal type, very low leakage rate
         •  Spring enhanced design, better mechanical properties
         •  Flexible contact without damaging the sealing surface
         •  All of them are made of metal materials, resistant to high temperature and high pressure
         •  Nuclear industry proven, safe and reliable
Performance parameter:

Applicable pressure≤  50MPa
Applicable temperature- 196 ~+ 750℃
Leakage rate≤ 1.3x10 -9 Pa·m3/s (helium vacuum leak detection)

Application scenario: applicable to petrochemical, nuclear industry, thermal power, metallurgy and other industries.